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How do I verify that the Privacy and Integrity of my Data is Protected?
Accentor Solutions has in place a stringent policy to ensure confidentiality of data. Strong physical as well as network and electronic security measures ensure confidential data is not taken out of the site.


We also have our employees sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of any engagement which is based on client specifications. We are also willing to adopt any additional measures suggested by clients.

What are your standard office hours?
Our standard office hours are 10:00am to 7:00pm IST while our offices are open from Monday to Saturday.
Will outsourcing to Accentor Solutions mean I lose control over my processes?
Accentor Solutions considers itself to be a strategic extension of your organization's capacity. Hence, we work the way you work. Our relationships are characterized by our willingness to be flexible. We provide you with long-term visibility into every aspect of our relationship, which allows you to retain control over your outsourced processes.
Does Accentor Solutions attract and retain high quality people?
Accentor Solutions possesses the ability to attract and retain best in breed. We have a highly selective hiring policy at all levels, which ensure consistency in quality of our human resources.
Does Accentor Solutions possess the ability to understand my business in order to outsource effectively?
Accentor Solutions has a demonstrated edge in being able to understand our client's business and their requirements better.
Does Accentor Solutions have adequate infrastructure to support my business processes?
Accentor Solutions is based at Ahmedabad, which is widely recognized as one of the most sophisticated integrated places in India. The facility possesses excellent infrastructure, which includes computerized environment and up-to-date licensed version Softwares related to the Profession. The firm is also equipped with Latest Computers along with sophisticated communication system like broadband network connections and Nation-wide reach through professional associates in major cities world class facilities in terms of security, power and connectivity.
Will outsourcing be cost effective/ justified in the long term?
Accentor Solutions believes in providing clients with benefits, which go well beyond initial labor cost arbitrage. We commit to quantifiable year on year benefits to our clients as part of our services
How does Accentor Solutions ensure effective knowledge transfer in order to execute my processes efficiently?
Accentor Solutions comprehensive system is dedicated to addressing all issues pertaining to knowledge transfer. It follows a structured approach, which ensures that knowledge is captured correctly to the last level of detail and in a manner suitable for effective dissemination. This is bolstered by our domain competency, attention to documentation and development of training content in collaboration with you.


Accentor Solutions has training facilities to impart training to personnel in a single sitting. We typically follow a "train the trainer" approach, where our personnel would visit you, understand the processes and then impart training to off-shore personnel. Furthermore, our domain experts utilize their deep industry experience to enrich the training process.

What is pricing stratergy?
We reduce your cost by 50%
How do I pay you?
The preferred method of payment is by wire transfer or by Cheque. For any other mode of payment, please contact us and we shall be glad to assist you.
what is talent pool of Accentor?
Our staff are led by UK Chartered Accountants and Management Professionals with many years of experience.