Data Security

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Data Security

Protection of client information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure is of supreme importance to Accentor Solutions.

We have incorporated systems in place to ensure that client information is secured at any cost.

As part of the policy at Accentor Solutions, we have a signed confidentiality agreement with our employees. We also have a corporate security policy which distinguishes the level of access allowed to employees within the company bases on various parameters.

We also have in place various technical controls which allow us to control access to information and information systems. These include the use of passwords, latest firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware software amongst other things.

Data Security at File Transfer

The service implements several layers of security to ensure confidentiality during the file transfer process. Each layer of protection reinforces other layers to create a comprehensive security net that protects data, authenticates users, enforces granular access to information, and automatically produces a detailed audit trail of changes in file custody.


Protection Layer

The first layer of security protects data in custody from unauthorized access. This provides the foundation for controlling access to information by blocking all access points. The service implements the following security measures for protection:

  • Physical Access Control
  • Network Access Control
  • Data Storage
  • Data Transmission
  • Data Retention


Authentication Layer

The next layer of security beyond protection is authentication. This consists of security measures to validate user identity before granting access to protected information. There are two types of users that require authentication: internal users that have Leap FILE accounts and external users that exchange files with internal users through the File Drop.

  • Internal User Authentication
  • External User/Receiver Authentication


Authorization Layer

The authorization layer works in conjunction with authentication and protection to enforce granular access to the information. Each user must authenticate to start a session every time they use the service. The session carries user credentials that are compared against permissions for every request. This enables the service to enforce permissions at the application level for restricting access to authenticated users only.


Audit Layer

The audit layer automatically records the time, IP address, and user name for every file download. This is compiled for every file transfer and made available to the user for tracking file custody. The service also automatically sends an email alert to the sender when the file is successfully downloaded.


At last;

Leap FILE takes a multi-layer approach to safeguard information exchanged through the service. At the lowest layer are security measure to protect data and systems. Right above the protection layer is an authentication layer that properly identifies each user. On top of that layer is an authorization layer to enforce permissions and access to files. Finally, audit measures track and inform users of changes in custody. The overall system of security measures creates a safety net that ensures safe delivery of information over the Internet.